Erica Schmidt and Lily ElefteriadouSTRIDE Student of the Year

Erica Schmidt, UAB

Erica Schmidt (pictured at right with Dr. Lily Elefteriadou) is a graduate student at the University of Alabama at Birmingham specializing in medical/clinical psychology. She is working on a STRIDE-funded project titled A Naturalistic Driving Study across the Lifespan. The study looks at investigating the complexities surrounding driving in younger (16-19) and older adults (65+), two high-risk age groups, with the use of naturalistic driving technologies. This will be accomplished through the project’s overarching goal to examine unbiased real-world driving mobility (amount traveled throughout environment), driving safety (crashes/risky driving behavior), and driving behavior (how/when travel occurred.  As a member of the research team, she developed a cognitive, physical and sensory assessment test that will be implemented in the driving study. Erica finds it fascinating how cognitive functions influence driving and transportation options and plans to continue working in this area throughout her career.