K-12 STRIDE Workforce Development Activities

FIU Wall of WindFlorida International University

FIU's ITE student chapter participated in the Engineering Gala.  Over 2000 students from Miami-Dade Public Schools participated in the hands on activities and demonstrations conducted at the Engineering Campus and many got the chance to visit the famous FIU Wall of Wind (left).  Students and faculty from FIU are working with area high schools to develop transportation engineering student junior chapters. FIU ITE student chapter members will work with high school students to run these outreach programs, which will provide support for local activities, student competitions, driver safety education, activities at the university, and science projects

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UAB Engineering NightUniversity of Alabama at Birmingham

On March 15, 2014 UAB hosted the Kids in Engineering Day (right). The event took place at UAB and targeted 4th and 5th graders from the greater Birmingham, Alabama region. The program exposed 45 participants to transportation engineering and relevant disciplines through fun, interactive activities. Activity stations included Chocolate Asphalt; Slime and Gloop; Suspension Bridges; and Puff Mobile. Student members of the UAB ITE student chapter and SWE managed the activity stations and explained engineering concepts to student participants.  The event was very well received by participating students and their parents and raised awareness about transportation engineers’ contributions to the improvement of everyday life and the betterment of society.

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University of Florida

On October 12th, eleven high school students participated in “Exploring Careers in Transportation Engineering,” a full day workshop at the University of Florida campus.  Students received a presentation overview by Dr. Kondyli, a signal lab tour, and a hands-on traffic simulation exercise.  Students set-up and ran a traffic simulation of a signalized intersections; where they experimented with various signal timing strategies to optimize the intersection performance. Teams ended the activities by competing for top honors playing “Transportation Jeopardy.”

UFTI teamed again with the UF Center for Pre-collegiate Education and Training to host a traffic simulation workshop for visiting and local high school students on January 26th.

ITE WTS E-Fair Booth

WTS and ITE student chapters hosted a booth (above) at the University of Florida Engineering Fair February 18-19, 2014.  Over 150 participants stopped at the display to learn about transportation engineering.  Students were introduced to a signals cabinet and lights. They also participated in the popular building and racing of LEGO cars.

Kimball Wiles FENTwenty five members of UF student chapters of WTS, ITE and ASCE volunteered to provide instruction for hands-on activities at local elementary school Kimball Wiles on March 13th for students and their families (right). Nearly 100 families participated with over 150 children trying their hands at each engineering related activity hopefully inspiring future engineers. University students were on hand to not only provide instruction, but help the children and parents make engineering connections in their everyday lives. The event was featured in a Gainesville local news channel, which can be viewed online.

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