Message from the Director

Lily ElefteriadouDear Colleagues,

An important role I see for STRIDE in the Southeast is to provide mechanisms for enhancing collaboration between our partners, as well as with other universities and agencies in the region and beyond. To that end, we took the initiative to organize the UTC Regional Conference for the Southeast, in collaboration with the other three UTCs in the region, which took place April 4-5, 2013 in Orlando, Fla. The conference was a big success by any measure, attracting more than 180 participants from 13 universities, 16 agencies, and eight states, including participants from as far away as Denver and Virginia. I am very pleased with the quality of the presentations, the enthusiasm of the students, as well as the networking that took place during the day and a half of the conference. It was a wonderful opportunity to interact with state DOTs—our major partners in the UTC program—and discuss opportunities to enhance and expand our collaborative activities.

In conjunction with the conference, we organized a Transportation Safety Symposium for practitioners, where the latest technologies, analysis techniques, and data tools, including the management of vulnerable populations and policy initiatives, were shared with the 33 attendees.  To maintain this momentum, we have already begun discussions for organizing the second annual UTC regional conference in Atlanta, GA, sometime in the spring of 2014. Stay tuned for additional information on that event!

With the STRIDE Center’s first cohort of projects currently underway, we have selected two of these studies to highlight for you, which relate to vehicle emissions and sidewalk safety. In the educational arena, we present two efforts by STRIDE researchers who are developing new courses and new course modules.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any suggestions for STRIDE. We always welcome feedback and collaborative opportunities.


Lily Elefteriadou, Ph.D., Professor of Civil Engineering

STRIDE Director