Statewide Training of Safety Analyst in Florida

Dr. Priyanka Alluri of Florida International University was the principal investigator in charge of a STRIDE-funded technology transfer project, in collaboration with the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT),that trained users on the latest highway safety analysis methods and tools.

The project focused on the use of Safety Analyst, an analytical tool used for making system-wide highway safety decisions. The Safety Analyst tool automates all the steps in the roadway safety management process. The specific objectives of this project included: (1) conducting a one-hour session on Engineering Statistics 101 for Safety at the 2015 Florida DOT Design Expo, and (2) developing and recording a one-hour session providing an overview of Safety Analyst.

The one-hour presentation at the 2015 FDOT Design Expo provided the background on the traditional and new highway safety analysis methods. The one-hour webinar provided the overview of Safety Analyst, its capabilities and Florida’s progress with its deployment. The webinar also included a detailed demonstration of the software using Florida data.