STUDENT SPOTLIGHT: Jack Cebe, The Georgia Institute of Technology

Actively involved in six transportation-related organizations, an avid guitarist, and a motivated researcher are the qualities that make up Jack Cebe, a student at the Georgia Institute of Technology (GaTech).

At GaTech, Cebe is pursuing a dual master’s degree in City and Regional Planning and Civil Engineering with a concentration in transportation.  He was also the nominee from GaTech for the STRIDE Center’s Student of the Year. Cebe is researching 'Road Diets' on 5+ lane roadways and studying data integration and prioritization methods for the Sidewalk Quality and Safety Assessment System. Additionally, he plans to begin research on the possibility of 'capping' portions of the Downtown Connector in Atlanta for his master’s thesis.

“Transportation is something we depend on every day, and if we can make it work better it can lead to transformative benefits for our lives, our communities, the economy, and the environment,” Cebe said. “Some may think these are naive ideals due to the highly politicized and regulated world we live in, but there is such need for improvement in Atlanta and other cities that I feel it's crucial that I try to make a difference through my work.”

Cebe’s passion for transportation planning and engineering developed as a result of an unexpected revelation when he began walking and bicycling in college as a means of transport. Cebe realized the benefits of non-motorized transportation and impact it could have if improved upon.

Dr. Randall Guensler, professor in the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering at GaTech is Cebe’s graduate advisor.

“Jack’s research productivity and research outreach efforts has been outstanding,” Guensler said. “His prior experience in consulting, coupled with his superb research and managerial skills, have made him the most valuable and productive member of our sidewalk research team.”