STRIDE-Funded Research Presented at the Florida i3 Transportation Showcase

STRIDE-research projects were featured as part of the Technical Presentation Program at the Florida i3 Transportation Showcase that was held May 26th through May 29th, 2015, at the Omni Orlando Resort at Champions Gate.  The session titled  “Active Traffic Management” showcased research conducted through STRIDE.  Presenters included Dr. Lily Elefteriadou of the University of Florida; Dr. Mohammed Hadi of Florida International University; and Dr. Nagui Rouphail of North Carolina State University.  The presentations discussed findings related to ramp metering, variable speed limits and other advanced traffic management strategies.

List of STRIDE Presentations:

“Freeway Management Research Findings”, Lily Elefteriadou, Ph.D., Director, UFTI/STRIDE, Professor, Civil Engineering, University of Florida

“Multi-Resolution Analysis of Advanced Traffic Management Strategies”, Mohammed Hadi, Ph.D., Professor, Florida International University

“An Interactive Active Traffic Management Platform Using HCM Concepts”, Nagui M. Rouphail, Ph.D., Director, ITRE, Professor of Civil Engineering, North Carolina State University