Recent STRIDE Publications, Posters, and Presentations

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Grossman, A., Elango, V. Frackelton, A., Guensler, R. (accepted). “The Use of a Sidewalk Quality Assessment Survey in Developing Sidewalk Ratings (14-4933).” 93rd Annual Meeting of the Transportation Research Board. Washington, DC. January 2014.

Guensler, R., Frackelton, A., Grossman, A., Palinginis, E., Sadana, R., Castrillon, F., Elango, V., Watkins, K. “Building a Sidewalk Inventory and Prioritization System.” Southeast University Transportation Center Conference, Orlando, FL. April 2013.

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Li, Z., Elefteriadou, L., Kondyli, A. “Modeling Weather Impacts on Traffic Operations: Implementation into Florida’s Travel Time Reliability Model”, to be presented at the Annual Transportation Research Board Meeting, Washington DC., January 2014.

Ritchey, C., Smiley, S., Ahuja, A. “Kids in Engineering Day”. Student Poster presented at the UAB Expo in Birmingham, Al., April 26, 2013.

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Zheng, Y. “Analysis of Factors Influencing Pedestrian Injury Severity in Pedestrian-Vehicle Crashes”. Poster presented at the FSITE Annual Meeting 2013 in Kissimmee, Fla., Nov. 7-9, 2013.