Applying Livability Performance Measures to Transportation Plans and Projects

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Final Report

In partnership with the Georgia Institute of Technology, the Center for Transportation and the Environment (CTE) at North Carolina State University (NCSU) will host a series of technical assistance workshops for transportation agencies in the Southeastern United States. These workshops will use the FHWA Community Vision Metrics tool to identify context-specific livability performance measures for a variety of plans and projects. Thus, this project leverages an existing FHWA tool to assist transportation agencies in developing performance measurement and management processes that support livable communities.

To ensure context-sensitivity, each workshop will be tailored to the unique needs of the transportation agency, as well as the plan or project that will be the focus of the workshop. If needed, a workshop may include a community visioning component; otherwise, previously developed plan or project goals will be used to guide the selection of performance measures. Generally, each workshop will contain the following components: an introduction to livability performance measures, a visioning exercise (if needed), facilitated use of the Community Vision Metrics tool, prioritization of selected performance measures, and an action-planning session.

The project team will also use pre- and post-workshop surveys to evaluate the efficacy of the workshop in educating the participants and providing technical assistance in using the tool. We will document all workshops in a "case study" format and develop a synthesis of results to guide livability-oriented performance measurement efforts at transportation agencies. We will also use the results of the pre- and post-workshop surveys to improve workshop content over the course of the project.

This project addresses a critical need in practice: transportation agencies are being asked to demonstrate the value of infrastructure investments in supporting livable communities. this project will help transportation agencies better equip themselves to integrate livability performance measures into existing decision-making processes, enabling agencies to establish more tangible and measurable goals and objectives. They will also be able to identify appropriate evaluation criteria for alternatives analysis, and develop a post-project evaluation measurement framework to track livability outcomes via performance measures through time.

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